GRABER LUKAS SRL began as E-Mec sas in 2004 by its founder Lukas Graber, operating in the field of machines already in early 1996, after successfully finishing his studies and various courses related to the machines and automations.

GRABER LUKAS SRL means high-quality service. Always cared for perfect compatibility with the market demands we have as main objective to serve our customers by offering a lasting and qualitatively valid work.

We choose the best systems, machineries and technicans, to ensure a great and economic work. GRABER LUKAS SRL bases its success on the quality of the work. Graber Lukas srl - Window Machinery


Great experience in PVC windows, where we operate already from 2001. Inquiries regarding the different techniques, equipment, layout and construction of all types can be met with great quality and accuracy. Also we can offer new and used machinery of the best brands. We are distributors of ROTOX® and RAPID® for Italy.

-New machinery
-Used and reconditioned machinery
-Service and support
-Heavy Works
-National and international transfers (Machinery and complete lines)
-Electronic and mechanical systems for every need

ROTOX® is one of the leading suppliers of machinery and equipment for windows manufacturing, doors and facades in aluminum and PVC. Today it has more than 300 employees worldwide and has an area of ​​more than 17,000 m2 production. All started back in 1970 with three employees and the production of machines for hand deburring welded corners of PVC windows. Three years later ROTOX® developed the first (world premiere) cleaning machine and at the first show they already sold more than 80 machines. Many patents are still showing the innovative power with which ROTOX® creates products with cutting-edge technology. This is the driving force for the continuous development of machines, the constant expansion and extension of the production program. Today ROTOX® comes as complete supplier for the construction of windows and doors in PVC. So the massive production program covers all areas of construction of PVC windows. In our range of machinery are solutions for the industry but also for the craftsman, the right machine for everyone! From simple standard machines to automated and interconnected production plants. ROTOX® provides the right concept for each dimension of production in the fields of cutting, machining profile, welding, cleaning, mounting hardware door and the frame and the glazing. Window manufacturers who seek innovative machine and high German quality with an excellent price / quality will find it at ROTOX®! But not only products, also consulting, testing and, in particular, service is important for a high level of customer satisfaction.
We can offer a complete service for all reality.


We are very pleased with the provided machines and services. Thanks to the work of superior quality products, today we are able to meet all the demands of our customers.

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